Prescription Hitting Drills

by Coach Cohen on January 16, 2015

In Prescription Hitting Drills, I give you more of my very best hitting drills from 22 years of coaching hitters. We use these drills daily to prepare our hitters to compete at the highest level of Division I baseball.

Included are warm up and tee drills to allow hitters to improve on their own, and then progressing to front toss, live BP, and pitching machine drills that can be done with a coach or hitting partner.

The drills focus on creating situations to challenge hitters so that uncomfortable hitting situations become comfortable for hitters, enabling them to deliver when it counts during competitive play.

Coaching points covered throughout the DVD:
  • Developing and adjusting rhythm to handle the fastball, change-up, and curve
  • Gathering energy and transferring all of it to the ball
  • Creating effective backspin and barrel angles
  • Working with precision, not effort
  • Eliminating the strengths of a dominant pitcher
  • Mastering hitting the pitch at the bottom of the zone (where every pitcher is trying to throw it)
  • Staying aligned to deliver maximum energy regardless of pitch location
  • How to correctly teach opposite field hitting
  • Creating efficient practice sessions to work both offense and defense
  • Eliminating bat wrap
  • Unlocking body parts to create a loose, free, effortless, and powerful swing
  • Pressuring a pitcher by taking away his comfortable pitches
  • Getting out of the box quickly
  • Two-strike drills to extend an at bat
  • Pitch recognition drills
  • How to effectively use a pitching machine
  • Using simple training aids to develop solid hitters

Each drill has a specific purpose and all of them reinforce the fundamental characteristics of the swing that all great hitters share.

Whether you’re a coach or player, beginner or advanced, these drills will give you the prescription to take your hitting to the next level.

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Conquering Fear of the Ground Ball

by Coach Cohen on January 1, 2015

Wall Ball

Here’s a clip of one of my favorite fielding drills from my Wall Ball DVD.

One of the things you have to correct the most is when a player gets into a situation where there is an opportunity for fear or an opportunity for injury, especially to the face, and the body reacts by pulling off the ball. So, on any ground ball, we use the expression, “put your face into the glove.” We want to eliminate any fear and put the player’s head in a great position to see the baseball.

Many times, players will rush through the fielding phase and pull their head off of the ball either out of fear or simply because they are in a hurry to make the throw. This drill really helps keep the head locked down.

Executing the Drill

When the ball touches the player’s glove, the glove is out front, and their face is in very close proximity to the glove, have them stay in that position – we do not continue through to the throwing phase. Then, coach says “Go!” or “Now!” and at that point, have them continue the play by moving their feet toward the target and delivering the ball.

We turn it into two separate phases: glove contact and making the throw.

This drill breaks the two phases down, allowing the player to first cleanly field the ball before continuing on to finish the play with a good throw as they move toward their target.

Here’s the clip from the DVD…

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December 2, 2010

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November 16, 2010

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