Baseball Active Warmup

by Coach Cohen on February 14, 2011

The First 15 Minutes…

The start of each practice and before every game we have our players go through physical AND mental preparation that we call active warmup. We believe this time is critical to get our players’ bodies ready and get their minds focused. The following video clip is from a clinic presentation I did in Ontario earlier this year that details our baseball active warmup process.  (NOTE: to see the entire presentation, sign up for our newsletter and, once you confirm your subscription, you’ll be taken to a page with several clinic presentations).

If you’d like a DVD of all of the exercises and activities we include in our active warmup routines, we are giving it away as a bonus to anyone who purchases, from this website, the All Access program that Championship Productions released in 2011.


Baseball Practice All Access

by Coach Cohen on January 31, 2011

As I announced last week to our newsletter subscribers, Championship Productions came in during our Fall 2010 baseball practice and shot three days worth of video to create a behind-the-scenes look at how my staff and I run practice for MS State Baseball.

These practices, as with all of our practices, are high energy, innovative, fast-paced, and structured to be time efficient and challenge our players to continuously improve. We’ve included sessions on hitting stations, pitching delivery, individual and team defense, base running, and overall team building. There are also in-depth team sessions where I cover defending AND creating the big inning as well as video review from several Fall intersquad scrimmages.

Our entire coaching staff was involved, so you’ll see segments and hear commentary from me, Butch Thompson, Lane Burroughs, and Nick Mingione.

I think you’ll find a lot of valuable concepts as well as drills that you can plug into your baseball program.

When I release new products, I generally like to give an incentive during the launch – usually in the form of a limited discount period. For this DVD series, we are restricted on the sale price and can’t offer it for a discount. However, I do have a bonus for everyone that buys it from our website. I’ll send you a training DVD of our active warm-up – what I call the most important 15 minutes of every practice. You’ll see the exercises, drills, and situations we put our players in to prepare them physically AND mentally for a highly focused, productive, injury free practice.

We are turning the active warm-up DVD into a stand-alone product. You can get it now, for free, when you order a copy of the All Access DVD from our product catalog.

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